Finding Your Way Through Contested Divorce


Are you going through a divorce? While a consensual divorce may be considerably easy to go through, the contested divorce can take a toll on you both mentally and financially. In simple words, a contested divorce may be understood as a situation where both the partners do not agree on the terms of the divorce. As such, it is much more long-drawn and complicated than an ordinary, uncontested divorce.

The usual causes that are cited for a contested divorce include disagreement over marital property, the custody for children, the amount of child support and other children related issues, joint debts, alimony and so on. Either both spouses may have problems with the terms and conditions set by the other or only one of them may be in disagreement. Even if a partner disagrees with one of the terms of the divorce, it will be considered as a contested divorce. In any case, the partner has to be prepared for a long and legal proceeding that is not likely to be settled easily.

Steps For Contested Divorce

There are several steps involved in a contested divorce such as serving a notice to the partner, stating the grounds of the divorce along with the terms, serving notice if you are contesting with any of the terms that are given by your partner, replying to the petitions, mediation and so on. Going through even the initial processes is difficult unless you are very well acquainted with the legalities involved. If not, it is always advisable to opt for an experienced contested divorce attorney to represent you in the case.

Hastens The Divorce Process

As there is no fixed time period within which the contested divorce has to be settled, these cases often go on for years. A long drawn divorce can hamper all the other aspects of your life and leave you emotionally drained. It can also have a negative impact on your children who will have to unnecessarily be involved in the dispute between you and your partner. A good divorce lawyer who has handled contested divorces before can cut the entire process short and help you in resolving the disputes in the least possible time.

Helps In Negotiations

Finding common ground between the terms stated by you and your partner is often difficult in a contested divorce. While you can approach the court and have a judge decide the terms, it is not really advisable. An experienced lawyer can make an out of court settlement easier for you. When you have a lawyer team to support you, they will also see to the fact that you do not have to compromise with an unfair settlement term, simply for the sake of hastening the process.

Above all, a good lawyer is always great mental support in stressful situations such as divorce. They go beyond professional advice and help you cope with the entire divorce process. We hope, with this detailed information, you will be able to handle your contested divorce better and reach a settlement easily.

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