Common Points of Conflict in Contested Divorce


When you and your partner do not agree on the decision of divorce, it is legally known as a contested divorce case. Divorce can already put you in a lot of emotional stress. So when there are additional complications involved, the stress can escalate further.

Contested divorces can have several grounds of conflict. Each estranged couple usually has some unique differences, which do not match with any other couple. However, the grounds of conflict often turn out to be the same. Leading law firm, the Lawrence Law Office has dealt with several contested divorce cases. Based on their experience, they have listed down some common reasons for conflict in divorces:

Child Custody Cases

Whenever there are children involved in a divorce, the chances of conflict becomes higher. While many couples ensure that they have decided about children before making the big move, others cannot arrive at a common decision. This can lead to custody conflicts between the estranged partners. Even for those who seek out of court settlements, a custody agreement usually requires professional help such as that of a lawyer.

Division of Joint Debt

Taking joint debts is quite common among partners. The problem arises when these debts have to be shared after the relationship has ended. If you and your partner do not earn equally, sharing the debt may lead to some major conflicts.

It has been seen that some partners try to push the entire burden of debt on the other person’s shoulder. However, they may have taken equal benefit from the debt amount earlier. Experienced divorce lawyers know how to deal with such situations fairly, making their services extremely important in such cases.

Marital Property

Another common ground of conflict like that of the debt is marital property. Marital property does not just mean the property that you hold jointly. It also counts all those properties that you may have acquired during the period of marriage. That is why the line between your marital property and singly owned property can get blurred easily.

An estranged partner can easily take advantage of such a situation by demanding an unfair share. The experienced lawyers can make sure that all the necessary documents are already in place. This can protect you from unjust claims and ensure that your property remains yours.

Alimony and Support

If your partner was dependent on you or if the custody of your children falls on your partner, then you are liable to pay a certain sum regularly. This sum of money is calculated, considering different factors. For instance, if your children are attending a private school, then the sum of money must cover their tuition fees. Your income can also become a factor in deciding this sum. To find out more about the most typical kind of child custody, visit this website:  

Estranged couples often have disagreements in this regard as they cannot stick to a common sum. Good lawyers can help in ensuring that the sum is fair for both parties.

Now that you know the common reasons for conflict, you can take the necessary steps or engage a qualified lawyer to avoid this situation.

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