Does Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Prevent Injuries?

If you are an avid cyclist you may find yourself regularly riding without a helmet. Ones safety when riding can be especially important if you plan on biking anywhere near a motorway. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk for head trauma during an accident with a vehicle or if you unexpectedly fall off your bike.

If you do not regularly wear a bicycle helmet here are some statistics that could have you changing your habits:

A bicycle helmet can reduce your risk of a serious head injury by 50%.

Cyclists can reduce their chance of suffering a serious head injury by half if they wear a helmet during an accident.

It can reduce your risk of facial trauma:

Many cyclists experience trauma including broken facial bones, missing teeth and more. Rather than risking disfigurement or severe facial breaks, you can reduce your risk with a helmet.

The risk for death in an accident involving vehicles reduces:

A cyclist is far less likely to die from their injury if they are wearing a helmet to protect against brain trauma.

The overall severity of head trauma is reduced:

The severity of head trauma reduces by nearly 80% and this can improve the overall quality of life and lead to a faster recovery for a person that’s been involved in a cycling accident.

Minor head injuries can provide you with negative symptoms that persist long after your accident. Suffering a severe head injury can mean weeks or even months of recovery with ongoing headaches, nausea and vomiting, extra drowsiness and fatigue, blurred vision, sleep complication, mood swings, memory problems, concentration issues and more.

If you are planning on riding a bicycle anywhere near the road or at speed, make sure that you always bring along a helmet.

This post was written by Wendy Doyle-Palumbo. Wendy is a personal injury attorney in Pasco County at Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. Wendy has over 25 years of experience practicing law and has won several cases in helping those get the compensation that they deserve!

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Why we should hire a truck accident lawyer:

If you suffered an accident, do not let time go by, call the truck accident lawyer immediately, because an accident can change your life completely. There are 500,000 truck accidents that occur every year in the United States. Of this number, 5,000 are those that end in death.

Since many drivers do not follow the regulation of the road, they may be under the influence of alcohol, they are very fast and do not reach braking, cell phone use, distraction, among other factors causing the truck accident.

In this article you will find the reasons for the truck accident, why call the truck accident lawyers, why you should not find insurance and information that the truck accident attorney will collect.

Commercial trucks and 18-wheel trailers run daily on the roads. They provide supplies, luggage, food, service, drinks, and merchandise to the city and the State.

The accidents with a trailer are one of the leading causes of death and injury. If you become a truck accident, you need truck accident attorneys with a lot of experience and knowledge to defend your rights.

Reasons for the truck accident:

Truck accidents can be caused by several reasons. Some of these are:

  • Driver fatigue: Truck drivers have very strict schedules and drive long hours. This causes people driving around to be canceled and put at risk. The hours the boss expects from his truck drivers are 70 hours within 8 days. Allowing them to drive 14 consecutive hours after being out of work for 10 consecutive hours. When driving so many hours, the fatigue of the truck driver occurs.
  • Distraction: 80% of truck accidents are due to driver distraction. Anything like panoramic ads that take your eyes off the steering wheel or eyes from the street can end up in a truck accident.
  • Effects of alcohol or drugs: Driving and using alcohol or drugs can also result in a truck accident. The level to drive under the effects of alcohol should not pass 0.08% of the BAC test. Being under the effect, reduces concentration, reduces vision, the coordination of the hands and feet is affected and one is not in his six senses to drive.

Among other reasons are cargo transport errors, trailer brake failure, sudden mechanical failures, bad weather conditions, driver negligence, for disobeying traffic signals, cell phone use, and high speed.

Why call a truck accident lawyers?

When you call a truck accident lawyer, you will receive medical treatment at no cost. Truck accident attorneys’ offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The consultation is offered completely free.

Truck accident lawyers will go to the site where the accident occurred to attend you personally and collect the evidence and information necessary for the case. They also visit the house or hospital. And take care that your rights are well-protected.

The insurance company will try to minimize your amount or not pay you for your truck accident.

Does the insurance not want to pay you?

Do not talk to the company with which you suffered the accident or insurance. The truck accident lawyers will handle talking to them. Remember that whatever you tell them, they will use it against you. And they are always looking for ways to pay you the minimum amount of money possible.

The insurance is very good to charge month by month, but when one suffers a truck accident, it is difficult to make them pay to receive compensation. If you had an accident, a truck accident attorney knows how to talk with insurance companies so that you receive the appropriate amount of money in your case.

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How to transfer funds abroad without the hassle

The world today is such that we can have connections with people from various parts of the world and still keep very close communication. Some of such communications could be between people who had lived in the same environment before and then one or the both of them have to migrate together. An example of this could include siblings. In other cases, they might have come from two different places and then met at a central point, became friends, got connected and then migrated back to where they come from or to other parts of the world. An example of this includes students. It could also be two people who have never met each other physically but met online and had a business deal, friendship or other types of relationship. Along the line, there might be the need to send something to such people. This could include information that could be passed across through phone calls, emails or chats. It could also include physical goods that could be sent through courier. Not too long ago, sending money too would also include sending through courier or mail even though it was strongly discouraged. However, it is now very easy to send money to people irrespective of where they are. This article will discuss the options for transferring money abroad and which of the options has a lesser hassle.

Using online platforms

The use of online platforms is a great option for sending money online. There are various online platforms that you can use for sending money. The first option is sending money online to the person’s account. The recipient will be able to receive the money transfer directly into their bank account instantly or within a few minutes. If you want to know the best electronic funds transfer platform to use, you can read international money transfer reviews about worldremit as well as other platforms and check for the best reviews. Other platforms allow you to send money from one account to another on the same platform. Examples of these platforms include Paypal and Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers). However, this is only possible when you both have an account on the platform.

Using the bank

Another option to send money to other countries is by going to the bank. You could initiate a transfer to the account number and the person would also receive the money in his or her account. However, some banks could take a few days, before the recipient gets the money. It would most likely also require your physical presence at the bank as you might have to fill a form when international money transfers are involved.

Exchange among friends

Before Internet banking became very popular, a way of sending money to other countries was through an exchange. Mr. Felix in the UK is expecting money from Miss Sandra in the US, while Mr. Brown in the UK wants to send money to Miss Ruth in the US. Mr. Felix and Mr. Brown happened to know each other. Mr. Brown gives the money to Mr. Felix in the UK, while Miss Sandra and Miss Ruth arrange on how to meet in the US and Miss Sandra give the equivalent to Miss Ruth. Problems solved. However, it might be very difficult finding someone interested in such arrangements in that way. If Miss Sandra and Miss Ruth were in different countries, it wouldn’t work. Furthermore, if Mr. Felix cannot find anybody who wants to send money not just abroad but to that particular country, Miss Sandra is, it also won’t work. This option is, however, great as it helps to avoid bank and transaction charges.

Which option is most hassle-free

The most hassle-free option is the use of online platforms where you can send money online from your phone or computer. This would be where you are and instantly, without having to go to a bank or other locations. The recipient also gets the money within the shortest possible time.

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How to get Compensation of the injuries in a Truck Accident

Accidents sometimes happen no matter how careful we are. The truck is a heavy-duty vehicle so there are more chances of the collision of a truck with other cars or vehicles and roadside accidents. And the chances of loss and severe injuries increase to a great level in truck accidents. So it’s a matter of great significance that how will be a person who is injured in a truck accident will recover from the injury and how will he/she compensate for the loss. To get an appropriate solution to these issues there must be a system to compensate for the loss of the people who are injured in a truck accident. We are going to introduce you with a team of a truck accident attorney that helps you in the best way if you get injured in a truck accident. Let’s discuss all aspects to know about how to get compensation for the loss or injuries in a truck accident.

Documenting the accident:

If you got injured in a truck accident then documenting the accident or the injuries by yourself is not possible. And the Insurance companies usually require a pre-approved medical treatment or the reports of laboratory, doctor’s prescription, CT scan or MRI report and other medical record documents. But they cannot be obtained in case of a semi-truck injury and it is difficult to get expenses for your treatment from an insurance company.

The situation in a semi-truck accident:

A semi-truck accident will not injure you as such that you can diagnose and treat the actual problem immediately by going to the doctor. You may feel alright just after the accident and medical reports will also declare you alright, but after a week you will feel pain in one of your knees or any other bone and the real problem that happened in that semi-truck accident will be discovered after some time. The truck accident attorney helps you to deal with such a situation to get the proper treatment after the right diagnosis of the internal injury.

Types of claims:

There may be different types of claims entitled to you if you are involved in a truck accident. The third-party liability insurance claim may be done against the truck driver or their employing company. If the insurer disputes whether the driver and the truck company are guilty or not, the case will proceed to a truck accident injury lawsuit. The claims may be as follows:

  • Injury
  • Damage to the property
  • Wrongful death

What to do after a truck accident:

The first step to your recovery after a truck accident is proper medical care. Don’t worry about the expenses and medical bills because the California trial lawyers will help you in this regard and you can get free medical treatment if you are injured in a truck accident in California or anywhere in the United States. Not every doctor can diagnose and treat the injuries after a semi-truck or truck accident. Seek help from the truck accident attorney to get the best medical care without the worries of the expanses. provides detailed information about the compensation for the losses after a truck accident and you can also contact or make an appointment to get any type of support if you got injured in a truck accident in the US.

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New Zealand Legal Aid Lawyers and Family Services

Family disputes are never easy to live with or manage, because they are often emotionally charged. New Zealand Lawyers can help you make the right decisions in such difficult times.

In New Zealand, a legal aid lawyer is a lawyer that is government funded for people who cannot afford a legal help. This funding is an invaluable aid to obtain the assistance of a competent lawyer to defend you when you are summoned before a criminal court or a court for children.

Three misconceptions about a legal aid lawyer


A court-appointed lawyer is not exactly free. If you can not afford to pay a lawyer, then government funding will cover for it, so you can benefit from legal aid if you do not have sufficient income. But it’s considered a loan.

Please note that you may have to repay either fully or partially. The law states that you will have to pay an interest rate of 6% per year (starting as soon as 6 months after the case was closed).

Your assigned lawyer can help you fill out your legal aid file. However, we recommend that you complete the process as soon as possible on your own in order to save time and be able to pay your lawyer.

2.He visits you directly in custody, on his own

It is up to you to contact the lawyer that you have been appointed to. Therefore, he will not come by himself without being called beforehand.

3.He is not that invested in your defence

A legal aid lawyer will defend you like any other client in his office. All lawyers have a mission to defend. They are all affected by the assignment. In addition, their fees are the same as those offered in their firm, unless otherwise arranged.

New Zealand – family services offered

  • Separation and divorce: common-law partners, married spouses
  • Childcare and access rights
  • Family mediation
  • Sharing property
  • Sharing a property held in co-ownership
  • Child and spousal support: calculations, assessment
  • Travel Authorisation
  • Joint Divorce, Amicable Agreement
  • Sharing the family patrimony
  • Challenge of paternity and claim of state
  • Split up
  • Marriage annulment
  • Family residence
  • School choice
  • Relocation of a parent
  • Civil unions
  • Matrimonial regimes
  • Ancillary measures
  • Order of safeguard
  • Divorce
  • Day-to-day Care

In the context of a divorce, we negotiate all the contentious aspects surrounding the division of the family estate, the custody of your children, child support, the sharing of the matrimonial regime, etc.

A child support determination scale is used to calculate child support resulting from a marriage. Concerning alimony for the ex-spouse, our team is available to advise and evaluate with you all the factors that must be considered in making this request.

During a separation, you will have to make decisions about the custody of your children. These include, for example, sole care, shared care or access rights. Many factors are considered in establishing childcare and it is our team’s commitment to provide you with all the advice you need to assess how your child will be cared for.

New Zealand legal aid lawyers are well prepared to defend and help you with a wide range of services. Do not think that you need to go through this tough time alone, expert legal aid lawyers can and will help you with all of the problems that may arise.

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Personal injury and claim compensation

“Personal injury” the word itself clarifies the fact of a person being influenced by some disturbing situation which affects him personally. Personal injury here covers the effect of certain personal grounds of a person such as his property, reputation, his rights, such injuries can happen anywhere without giving any pre predictions of its occurrences. Anybody can be affected or can suffer such situations, therefore it’s very much important for people to be updated about the fact that, situations like these can be overcome if they know the importance of a personal injury lawyer. These injuries would be a happening that can harm a person physically that is, some sort of a car accident, natural disaster, medically getting injured by some machine, long running health problems, effected by some toxic effect of any industrialization, and many more and coming to the mental effects to a person it includes harming the rights of person, blackmailing, property issues etc. So just find injury attorneys at Boyko Firm.

The victim suffering has to fight for his cause in a legal manner by hiring a personal injury lawyer, against the person who is the cause of arising such problems, he could be a doctor, a manufacturer of any product, any certain organization etc.

Personal injury and claim compensation 1

Need Personal Lawyer

And if you are in need of any sort of help regarding these discussed issues you can search the internet or find injury attorneys at Boyko Firm,and assist yourself some help that surely going to be a helping hand to you, and would surely prove to be a tool for your problems to get them solve by getting you some good amount that would be able to compensate for your damage.

You would easily find articles by some people who headed themselves with the help of any personal injury lawyer, who successfully helped them in the effort of getting them a healthy compensation which easily had recovered them from their worst act they had suffered. The success stories of people give the surety too many other people who are in real need but somehow they are ignorant about the information of Boyko Firm personal injury lawyers. One can search or the success story of different people and can satisfy each and every question in their head related to a personal injury lawyer. And can bring themselves a help according, as many personal injury lawyers in Boyko Firm are fee free for consultation, so that one can approach a firm without any hesitation, and the further charges a very much affordable, so get going to bring things under your control, by pondering some web portals.

The prime thing, which every individual should know before hiring an attorney for yourself is that, he will act on your behalf. He primarily advocates for his client, so that the client can get some successful results or end up in a settlement which will cover all the expenses.

As an expert attorney, know each and every possible detail about the case, the entire processing of the case is done professionally, which automatically gives a badge of professional case to it.

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Getting To The Point – Services

Beginning a Business? Consider Working With a Legal Expert When you are planning to start any kind of business, having a lawyer by your side is very crucial. Business attorneys will make sure that all legal matters are well taken cared of and to stay away from possible problems in the near future. Below are different ways in which lawyers can help every entrepreneur who is starting a business. – What Organization Form to Choose?

What I Can Teach You About Tips

In starting a business, you need to identify which organization form is best fitted for your type of business. Well, a lawyer can give you valuable advices on which form you should take and even in completing all the necessary paperwork. The form to choose will affect your business in several aspects such as tax planning, estate planning and litigation liability.

Services: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

– Reviews Your Lease Another advantage of having a lawyer is that you can be sure that your contract includes all the fair rights and responsibilities of both parties. Aside from that, the lawyer will also make sure that everything is covered to keep possible problems from occurring in the future. You have to be aware that some leases don’t have provisions allocating responsibility needed for improving or upgrading the building. – Reviews the Contract When you lease any commercial space, then a lawyer can be a great help in terms of reviewing the contract presented to you. They will make sure that all laws are being complied in the contract. In addition, lawyers will check if it is fair. Lawyers can even help you with some tips and strategies when negotiating. – Relationship Between Employer and Employee This would involve several aspects in running your business such as the work conditions, overtime, leave or absence, benefits, privacy rights, hire and fire an employee. While they create a draft of the contract, they ensures that policies and laws are being included in it. In addition, they will make you aware on the possible legal problems that you may face in the business and give reliable advices on how to keep it from occurring. – Plans for Your Estate When time comes that you have to leave this earth without a will, your assets in the business will be given to your family. But this will depend on your organization form. But not having a written plan for the legal system might lead them to confusion as to what to do for your business. Even though you wanted your business to still function after you die, the administrator might decide to sell your assets and close the business. This is where your estate planning will take a very important role.

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Learning The “Secrets” of Lawyers

Call Your Lawyer After an Accident Accidents happen every day, and it is almost impossible to predict when some of these will occur. Due to the nature of accidents, many of them can cause the victim to suffer more than just physical pain. Accidents often lead to medical bills, personal property damage, and emotional suffering. If you are not at fault for the accident it is completely understandable for you to not have to pay for any damages caused by the accident. Do not needlessly suffer if you are in an accident, contact a lawyer to help you out. Personal injury lawyers are there to assist you in getting back on your feet and protecting you from having to pay for the consequences. A personal injury lawyer is there to protect you and your rights. A personal injury lawyer has your best interests in mind and will fight for you. A lot of accidents that cause injury happen for unforeseen reasons. It is hard to predict when you will get into a vehicle accident, boating accident, or a slip and fall, but all of these accidents can lead to severe injury. All of these accidents can have expensive consequences so contact a personal injury lawyer to make sure you do not have to cover these expenses yourself. Before you employ an attorney, meet with them to find out if you are a good match. You want to be sure that your lawyer cares about you and your case. By knowing you as a person, your lawyer will have a better understanding of how your life is being limited from the accident. Make sure you have a good personal relationship with your lawyer.

A Beginners Guide To Businesses

You want to hire a personal injury lawyer to make sure you are properly represented in legal proceedings and that your rights are protected. Speak with your personal injury attorney before you make any statements to police. Making official statements without a lawyer can hurt your legal claim. When you speak with your personal injury lawyer you need to be truthful about what happened so they know how to defend your case. Personal injury lawyers can best protect you if you are honest and do not make official statements without consulting them.

6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True

An accident can be a traumatic experience with long term personal and financial consequences. There are many different types of injuries that can result in serious injury, so be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer so your finances are not seriously injured too. It is important to be a good fit for your lawyer. You will also be able to help your lawyer and your case by not making official statements without your lawyer present and by being fully honest with your attorney. To make sure your legal rights are defended and that you get what you need to return your life to normal, then contacting a personal injury lawyer is the best move that you can make.

Injury Lawyer,

Study: My Understanding of Professionals

Understanding Personal Injury Law Hiring a skilled attorney is an absolutely vital part of every single lawsuit. The truth is that personal injury law is incredibly esoteric. You will not be able to earn compensation if you represent yourself. Be aware that no two accident lawyers are ever identical. Before you choose an accident attorney, you may want to evaluate your financial situation. Fortunately, hiring a competent auto accident attorney is usually very inexpensive. The majority of personal injury attorneys are very adaptable when it comes to creating a payment approach. If your claim is mostly straightforward, an hourly strategy may be the best option. Another option is to pursue a one time fee. Most of the time, though, you should use a contingency rate. If you choose this plan, you won’t have to invest any money at the beginning of your lawsuit. Rather, your accident lawyer’s payment will be taken out of the restitution that you are awarded at the trial. On the other hand, though, that your accident attorney will not be paid in the event that your injury claim fails to earn a settlement. If you need to reduce risk exposure, you owe it to yourself to use a contingency strategy. If this isn’t clear to you, talk to your accident professional at your earliest convenience. You may want to look into the timeline laws before you start your claim. You should remember that every state will have its own laws relating to the timeframe. You will not have an eternity to submit your injury lawsuit. Your injury lawsuit will be thrown out if you don’t file it in time.

Attorneys – Getting Started & Next Steps

You should anticipate the timeframe to be equal to four years. The clock starts running as soon as you realize that an injury has occurred. During this period, you will be free to negotiate a settlement with your insurance agency.Get in touch with your personal injury lawyer to learn more about the laws in your state.

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An accident case will usually be resolved in one of two ways. Some claims will be resolved through a trial, while others will be resolved through arbitration. Either of these strategies will have unique advantages. If you want to find success, you need to find a strategy that will work well. Most litigants do not enjoy lawsuits because their conclusions At the same time, though, arbitration isn’t always an option. You will want to begin your lawsuit in the event that the insurance company chooses not to negotiate. A trained auto accident attorney should help you choose a plan that meets your expectations.

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Case Study: My Experience With Businesses

Tips For Choosing The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer for an upcoming case in court, you are likely to face major challenges in your search. For the search to be easy, it helps to slow down and gather helpful advice on how to pick the right lawyer. There is need to hire a capable criminal defense lawyer since you could be faced with serious consequences after the hearing making it wise to avoid going it alone. The good thing with finding a qualified lawyer is that they will always have inside knowledge on how to steer your case such that you get off the hook or get concessions that could reduce harsh sentences.Even though criminal cases can leave you feeling under duress, there is no need to hire any lawyer you find since you might risk hiring the incompetent types.

If you have a case that is minor, you need to weigh whether you need to hire one but if the case is of a more serious magnitude, you should by all means have a lawyer on standby. When searching for these lawyers, always prioritize on interviewing one who will offer you a free case evaluation but remember to be keen about the charges leveled, available defenses and the type of plea bargains you might end up getting. If you expect to have peace of mind all along, the lawyer you pick needs to be excellent with communication and if you feel that you cannot work with him/her from the outset, consider another expert. Apparently, the way an attorney will communicate with you should give you an idea how they will best communicate with the jury and if they seem lousy, you better switch or end up regretting.

The best criminal defense lawyer to pick is the one who has specialist skills handling cases like what you have and always make sure you have hired one who is seasoned. You will be safe with an attorney who has enough experience but there is need to get one who has exceptional track record with cases just like yours. You will know whether a given lawyer will suffice for your case if you spend a day in a court they will be arguing to make out if they are worth hiring. Your search won’t be hectic if you get suggestions and referrals from friends or workmates who may have had a similar case but had a lawyer who got them off the hook. Whereas you want assurances, there is need to be wary of lawyers who make overblown promises of the outcome they will get you even before they have read the particulars of your case.