What You Need To Know About Managing a Long-Term Disability


If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, you may feel like you qualify for long-term disability. Generally, you can only collect these benefits if you have an insurance policy that covers you; however, you may also be eligible for some benefits from the government. You must ensure that you manage your long-term disability appropriately; that is where a long-term disability attorney can be helpful. What do you need to know about managing your long-term disability?

What Type of Pay Can You Expect?

First, you might be wondering what type of pay you can expect. Many people believe that their long-term disability insurance policy will replace all of their salary, but that is not the case. Most policies will replace 50 to 70 percent of someone’s income when they cannot work for an extended period. These policies do not pay 100 percent of someone’s salary because they could incentivize some people to get hurt and leave work. Most policies start paying benefits when short-term disability ends and the exact length of the policy can vary depending on the contract’s wording. This is another reason why it is essential to contact an expert for help.

Can You Lose Your Benefits?

While some policies will continue to pay benefits until the individual reaches 65, someone can have their benefits cut off prematurely. From time to time, the insurance company will review someone’s case and want to ensure that the individual is doing everything they can to get better and return to work. If the insurance company feels someone is not following their doctor’s instructions, they may use this as a pretext to stop paying disability benefits. Individuals need to ensure that this does not happen to them, which means complying with all of the treatment recommendations put forth by the doctor.

What If You Need More Help?

In some situations, someone’s disability benefits alone may not cover all their bills. While individuals might not necessarily be able to work if they are collecting long-term disability benefits, as that could be used as a pretext to stop paying the benefits, individuals who are receiving long-term disability benefits and need more assistance should consider working with an attorney who can help them review the nature of the injury and the accident that led to it. In addition, other options could be available that allow someone to collect additional benefits and compensation from various sources.

Rely on an Expert Who Can Help YOu

This is a complicated process, and you need to reach out and ask for help when you need it. A lawyer can act as your guide as you go through the process, handling many legal issues that pop up along the way. Remember that you must also stay in touch with your doctor and adhere to all the specifics regarding your treatment plan. You do not want to risk losing your benefits, so make sure you do everything you can to recover, which means leaning on your family members and friends for support.

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