What are the Typical Causes of Automobile Accidents?


With every passing year, to keep up with the evolving technology, more people are investing in brand new automobiles. Indeed, cars help owners get rid of the hassle of traveling on public transport and enjoy luxury and comfort. However, the reality is shattering. With the notable increase in the number of cars on the road, more traffic accidents have occurred recently.

A considerable number of people become victims of car collisions daily. Some lose their lives on the spot, and most of them sustain either minor or severe injuries despite noteworthy advancements in automobile technology. Aside from affecting physical well-being, a tragic car accident also negatively impacts the mental health of victims.

A victim needs to seek legal from a professional auto accident lawyer if he or she believes that a different individual or entity is entirely responsible for the collision. Such a legal professional plays an instrumental role in helping a victim prove the at-fault person’s liability and obtain compensation. Read on to know why automobile accidents mainly happen.

Driving While Distracted

One of the most typical causes of car accidents is driving while remaining engaged in other activities such as chatting with passengers or using a mobile phone. Many car crashes take place yearly because of distracted driving. At times, drivers feel great at performing several tasks while behind the wheel until an accident happens.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the United States and the rest of the world. Chances of a collision increase significantly when someone drives after having drugs or alcohol. Many people lose their lives every year because of intoxicated drivers who can’t focus properly while operating their cars and end up colliding with other vehicles. Accident victims sustained severe injuries when drunk drivers lose control of their four-wheelers and crash into other vehicles on the road.


Almost everyone knows that speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Such a careless and unsafe driving manner takes many people’s lives and makes most victims undergo unbearable pain and suffering. Even if there’s an urgent need to press the brake pedal, on most occasions, a driver can’t stop the car from hitting another vehicle or pedestrian when he drives over the speed limit. Most victims sustain severe head, neck, spine, or back injuries, whiplash, etc., after a speeding car hits them.

Driving Recklessly

The risk of horrifying accidents increases more when individuals recklessly drive their cars. Such drivers who are least bothered about obeying traffic laws and maintaining the speed limit are an actual threat to other drivers. Examples of reckless driving are speeding, making illegal turns, ignoring traffic signs, switching lanes without indication, etc. Minor or major accidents frequently happen when one drives recklessly.

Final Words

Apart from the ones mentioned above, many automobile accidents also often happen when drivers feel exhausted and fall asleep at the wheel. Ensure that you file an injury claim if you or a loved one becomes a victim of a car accident and sustain severe injuries because of the negligence of another driver. Taking legal action against the at-fault person right away can help you drive fair compensation for damages, injuries, distress, and lost wages.

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