Subway Injuries And Accidents – Here’s What To Know!


When we ride the subway, we naturally do not think that we are going to get injured. However, if we look at statistics, we quickly figure out the fact that there are thousands of people who end up hurt in subway-related incidents. This does include death. In New York City alone, over 50 individuals are killed along the subway lines every single year.

When you were injured in a subway accident or someone you know was, it is important to look for an experienced subway accident lawyer capable of handling all the legal aspects of the situation for you.

Remember that subway accidents cause injuries that can be really severe. In many cases, the victim needs a lot of money and time to properly recover. This practically means that you should never dismiss how important it is to go through the process in the proper way, so you can actually get the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Subway Accident Responsibility

Usually, because there are authorities that maintain, monitor, and provide the needed upkeep for so many miles of tracks in a metro area, if there is an accident, it is those authorities that are held accountable. Whenever the authorities in charge do not manage to offer a secure and safe environment for the commuter, it is considered to be liable.

The big problem with subway accidents is that it is always possible there are other parties at fault. As a result, the best thing you can do is to contact the subway accident lawyer. They have experience with such cases and can easily identify fault.

Subway Derailment

Although rare, sometimes trains can be derailed, which practically means trains leave rails. In many cases, this is just a minor problem, but it can also be very serious, with trains flipping over. In addition, even when a passenger is in a minor subway derailment accident, the injury can be serious.

When looking at subway derailments, it is the ultimate accident cause that dictates the possible existence of negligence. Usually, there is some sort of party at fault that can be sued because subway systems are designed to be completely safe.

Liability In Subway Derailments

Let’s think about a specific situation in which the derailment was caused by the existence of a rail piece between tracks. Some workers left that behind and will be liable for what happened. However, at the same time, the manager of the workers and some higher ups in the subway authority can be considered liable because of the failure of safety practices put in place.

The derailment example is a very clear one that highlights the possibility of having several parties responsible for subway accident injuries. This is why it is always very important to hire a personal injury attorney that is capable of investigating what happened so you will file claims against all liable parties. Without doing this, it is practically impossible to receive the maximum financial compensation you can. Never file claims and do not agree to settlement deals offered fast after the accident since insurance companies might try to lowball you.

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