New Zealand Legal Aid Lawyers and Family Services


Family disputes are never easy to live with or manage, because they are often emotionally charged. New Zealand Lawyers can help you make the right decisions in such difficult times.

In New Zealand, a legal aid lawyer is a lawyer that is government funded for people who cannot afford a legal help. This funding is an invaluable aid to obtain the assistance of a competent lawyer to defend you when you are summoned before a criminal court or a court for children.

Three misconceptions about a legal aid lawyer


A court-appointed lawyer is not exactly free. If you can not afford to pay a lawyer, then government funding will cover for it, so you can benefit from legal aid if you do not have sufficient income. But it’s considered a loan.

Please note that you may have to repay either fully or partially. The law states that you will have to pay an interest rate of 6% per year (starting as soon as 6 months after the case was closed).

Your assigned lawyer can help you fill out your legal aid file. However, we recommend that you complete the process as soon as possible on your own in order to save time and be able to pay your lawyer.

2.He visits you directly in custody, on his own

It is up to you to contact the lawyer that you have been appointed to. Therefore, he will not come by himself without being called beforehand.

3.He is not that invested in your defence

A legal aid lawyer will defend you like any other client in his office. All lawyers have a mission to defend. They are all affected by the assignment. In addition, their fees are the same as those offered in their firm, unless otherwise arranged.

New Zealand – family services offered

  • Separation and divorce: common-law partners, married spouses
  • Childcare and access rights
  • Family mediation
  • Sharing property
  • Sharing a property held in co-ownership
  • Child and spousal support: calculations, assessment
  • Travel Authorisation
  • Joint Divorce, Amicable Agreement
  • Sharing the family patrimony
  • Challenge of paternity and claim of state
  • Split up
  • Marriage annulment
  • Family residence
  • School choice
  • Relocation of a parent
  • Civil unions
  • Matrimonial regimes
  • Ancillary measures
  • Order of safeguard
  • Divorce
  • Day-to-day Care

In the context of a divorce, we negotiate all the contentious aspects surrounding the division of the family estate, the custody of your children, child support, the sharing of the matrimonial regime, etc.

A child support determination scale is used to calculate child support resulting from a marriage. Concerning alimony for the ex-spouse, our team is available to advise and evaluate with you all the factors that must be considered in making this request.

During a separation, you will have to make decisions about the custody of your children. These include, for example, sole care, shared care or access rights. Many factors are considered in establishing childcare and it is our team’s commitment to provide you with all the advice you need to assess how your child will be cared for.

New Zealand legal aid lawyers are well prepared to defend and help you with a wide range of services. Do not think that you need to go through this tough time alone, expert legal aid lawyers can and will help you with all of the problems that may arise.

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