New Governance Rules Legitimate in Russia


Russia’s new governing body has been given legal status by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s prime minister, deputy prime minister, and federal ministers will be appointed by the lower house after the new rules of government are legalized.

Russia’s defense, interior, and foreign ministers have previously been appointed on the advice of the upper house.

On the other hand, a British newspaper has claimed that 68-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin will step down in January next year and will do so due to his Parkinson’s disease.

According to a British newspaper, his 2 daughters and 1 friend are pressuring him to leave the presidency due to illness.

It was revealed this week that an unexpected piece of legislation was being drafted that would pave the way for Putin to become a senator for life.

According to the report, President Putin’s right hand has been seen moving less on several occasions.

In Parkinson’s, the movement of human organs begins to slow down.

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