Getting Compensation For Your Truck Accident Claim In Connecticut


Any accident is traumatic, and while numerous road mishaps are reported in Connecticut regularly, truck accidents are often the worse. A loaded commercial truck weighs huge, and even a minor mishap can have devastating outcomes for those in passenger cars. If you were injured in a truck accident in the state, you have two years to pursue legal action. While you may assume that there is sufficient time, truck crashes are often complicated and take considerable effort to investigate. Your best bet is to work with an experienced law firm that can represent you throughout the process. Here’s why you need a lawyer for your truck accident claim.

Truck accident claims are complex

Was the loading company at fault for overloading the truck? What if the trucking company didn’t do enough research before hiring the driver? Was the driver distracted or drunk? Was there a product defect? There are several aspects of truck accident cases that require desperate attention. Without a lawyer, you may not have the documents and evidence that you need to find liability. Multiple parties could be responsible for the same mishap too. An attorney knows what it takes to uncover information from different sources.

Know your claim by talking to an expert

One of the other reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer is the worth of your case. Were you partly liable for the accident? Because Connecticut is a modified comparative fault state, can you still sue the other party? If you sustained injuries that will prevent you from working in the future, or your injuries require extensive and long-term care, your compensation could be worth a lot more. You need a lawyer who can evaluate your case, and the top law firms don’t charge a fee for the first consultation session.

Explore all legal options

Insurance companies have deep pockets and top attorneys, which can make it hard to win a fair settlement. Get an attorney soon so that you can explore the legal options, especially if the insurance offer is unacceptable. If your truck accident case is likely to require a trial, your lawyer will be your advocate and represent you before the jury. This may involve working extensively to gather information and valuable evidence besides finding experts and witnesses who can testify for you.

Don’t let your circumstances prevent you from hiring a truck accident lawyer – Get the best legal team on your side now!

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