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Every individual or corporate body involved in running an organisation or a project is bound to face some legal challenges that will require the involvement of a legal practitioner. Therefore it is important to identify with a law firm for actionable advice on legal matters. A law firm is an institution established by one or more lawyers to render services in relation to the legal rights of their clients.

The basic service that is rendered to both individual and corporate clients by a law firm, is to guide clients about their legal rights and responsibilities to the state. Law firms also represent their clients in civil and criminal cases, striking deals and business transactions, as well as other matters in which legal advice and other assistance are sought.

Contracting with a reliable law firm is critical for the progress of any project or institution and can be put to a vast range of practical situations. The details of legal transactions are usually complicated and cumbersome to read and comprehend. Lawyers combine experience and knowledge they have gained from reading to represent their clients perfectly. Most importantly, employing the services of a good law firm (such as the Dudkowiak Kopec and Putyra Business Lawyers) protects the individual or organisation by avoiding unnecessary legal complications.

If you are an individual representing a business institution based in Poland and you want to employ the services of a reliable law firm to represent you and or your business in legal capacities, you are at the right place. Dudkowiak Kopec and Putyra Law Firm is a Polish law firm that offers legal advice and other legal services for individuals and corporate bodies in Poland. We have offices in five cities in Poland where we provide legal services such as, company incorporation, corporate law, M&A, property purchase, litigation, debt collection, employment law, inheritance amongst others.

Our law firm also has lawyers that specialize in family and inheritance legal advisory and representation in Poland. We have family attorneys that specialize in provision of legal assistance for cases of divorce, undocumented separation, division of joint property, alimony, establishing contact with children and parental authority, as well as in cases for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division of inheritance and legitimate portion, etc.

We have been operating on the market of legal services for well over 28 years. In the past years, our attorneys have been repeatedly distinguished for their remarkable services in the law field, receiving awards in M&A, Polish Banking Law, Polish Antitrust and Competition Law, Litigation and Dispute resolution in Poland. Our specialty can also be applied in legal services for foreign investors and international corporations based in Poland.

At the DKP Law Firm, our lawyers maintain the highest standards of legal assistance, constantly improving skills and expanding knowledge.

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