5 Tips for Beating Sexual Assault Charges


Sexual assault is a serious crime with significant collateral consequences and penalties. If convicted of sexual assault, you might receive a maximum of twenty years sentence in prison based on the complainant’s age. You may also face life imprisonment for aggravated sexual assault cases. The law requires you to compensate your victims for all expenses directly connected to the crime if convicted.

Sexual assault accusations can significantly destroy your reputation and impact other aspects of your life, including your career. However, implementing the right strategies can help beat the charges. Here are five tips for beating sexual assault charges.

1. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney

Hiring a trusted criminal case lawyer experienced in sexual assault cases is essential to beating your sexual assault charges, especially if the allegations are false. It eliminates the risk of being placed on the sex offender registry, which is public and permanent and can harm your relationships, community relations, and job prospects. When looking for a defense lawyer, ensure they’re experienced in sex crimes.

Look at their portfolio to determine their success rates. Reading reviews on trusted review sites can also help you know what their past clients say about them. Trusted law firms such as Liberty Law have knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorneys to help you beat your sexual assault case.

2. Don’t talk to the police

Talking to the police after a sexual assault accusation can jeopardize your case because they could be gathering evidence against you. They can use the information you give them against you in a court of law or to weaken your case. Before divulging any details, consult your sex crime defense lawyer. They’ll advise you on what you should and shouldn’t say to the police. Additionally, your lawyer will inform you of your responsibilities and rights, helping you protect your interests. Also, you can leverage your right to remain silent.

3. Don’t confront or speak to your accuser or witnesses

No matter your intentions, you should refrain from confronting or speaking to your supposed victim and potential witnesses. Doing so may result in being charged with witness tampering, which is punishable by law. Also, you might say something incriminating concerning the alleged assault, jeopardizing your winning chances. As such, you should avoid contact with your alleged victim. However, if you feel that talking to them can change the trial’s outcome, let your attorney do the talking.

4. Be completely open with your lawyer

Being honest with your attorney is crucial to beating your sexual assault charges. It helps them design a winning strategy while ensuring they defend you correctly. Hiding information because you think it’s minor or incriminating can be dangerous. Your view is likely different from your attorney’s, and their understanding of criminal law helps them interpret things differently.

Your defense lawyer has your best interest at heart, so you shouldn’t hold back any information, no matter how insignificant, for fear of being judged because it can greatly help your case. Also, sharing every detail with your attorney puts them in a better position to argue your case.

5. Don’t talk about the case on social media

While the accusations against you might be false, you shouldn’t vent your frustrations or discuss the case on social media. This is because you might post something that may be used against you in court.


Sexual assault cases have severe outcomes that can negatively impact your life. Implementing these tips can help you beat your sexual assault charges.

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