5 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Car Accident Lawsuit


If you’ve been involved in an auto crash and have suffered physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally, you’d want to get maximum compensation for the associated losses. However, certain errors can jeopardize your chances of a successful personal injury claim. Understanding the possible errors that compromise your case can help you avoid them, ensuring a fair settlement. This article discusses five mistakes that can damage your car accident lawsuit.

1. Representing yourself

While you can represent yourself in a car accident lawsuit, doing so can be risky, especially if you lack legal background or experience. Self-representation increases the risk of submitting inadmissible evidence in court, getting your case dismissed. It also means you might be up against an experienced attorney who can use their cross-examination skills and the jury and judges against you. Since you aren’t a trained professional and may not understand legal procedures, you’re highly likely to make mistakes that can harm your case, resulting in little to no compensation.

Suppose you’re injured or suffer financial losses in an auto accident caused by somebody else’s negligence. In that case, hiring a Car Accident Lawyer improves your chances of winning the case while ensuring you receive maximum compensation. This is because they have the necessary training, skills, and experience.

2. Not seeking immediate medical attention

Seeking immediate medical attention after a vehicle crash, even if you aren’t experiencing any pain and other injury symptoms, is essential. Besides speeding up your recovery, it helps safeguard your right to maximum compensation. Getting medical help as soon as possible lets you collect the evidence to help your personal injury attorney build a solid case. It also helps ascertain that your insurance has no reason to dismiss your claim.

Failure to get prompt medical assistance after a car accident gives the defendant’s lawyer room to use that against you. They can claim that your injuries weren’t sustained in that accident, leading to the lawsuit’s dismissal.

3. Talking to the insurance company without your lawyer’s guidance

Talking to your insurance provider without consulting your car accident lawyer can risk your claim. An insurance adjuster aims to save the company by offering you little compensation. Also, you might divulge more information about the accident than you should, which the adjuster can use against you.

While it’s your legal obligation to notify the insurer after being involved in a car crash, you should only give basic information. Consulting your personal injury attorney before communicating with the insurance adjuster can help reduce the risk of making mistakes. Alternatively, you can let the lawyer talk to them on your behalf.

4. Failure to file a police report

A police report is a vital document to substantiate your auto accident case. It contains essential information regarding the crash, including names of the people involved, their contact details and addresses, witness information, license plate numbers, all the drivers’ insurance details, the model and make of the vehicles, and more. Filing this report can help prove who was responsible for the accident. Without a police report, determining an accurate settlement may be challenging.

5. Waiting too long to file the lawsuit

If you don’t file your car accident lawsuit within the legal timelines, you risk losing the right to ask for compensation. Adhere to your state’s statute of limitations to ensure your case is accepted in court.


While it’s your right to get maximum compensation in a personal injury case, some errors can compromise your chances. Consider avoiding these mistakes that can damage your car accident lawsuit.

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